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2011 Summary

In 2011 I decided to do a year-long running fundraiser for Gracehaven House. It was basically a win-win situation. I got to raise money for a cause I’m passionate about, raise awareness about the issue and an awesome organization that’s doing something about it, and have motivation to race more and train more! And, of course, got a sweet shirt designed =).

Here’s what came of Running With Grace, 2011:

  • Raised a total of $2,172.20
  • Raced 124 miles
  • Ran 21 races (including putting on my own race for my birthday)
  • 46 sponsors (including participants at said birthday race)
  • 4 new personal bests; 5K – 25:03, 5mi – 46:57, 10K – 54:03, Half marathon – 2:03:11
  • The satisfaction of having an outlet for my frustration. The injustices in this broken world can often be frustrating or overwhelming. I felt like instead of standing there helpless, wondering what to do, I could run. Because it’s one thing I do know how to do. My desire to run drove this, and this drove my desire to run.

I have been so blessed to have the support of so many of you. I could not have done this without you, and every amount makes a difference! The house is finished, and so close to being open. Just a few i’s left to be dotted and t’s crossed. I just want to leave you with a picture I took at the house this summer, which I realized I hadn’t posted before.

The Pink Room

"The Pink Room"... 1 of 5 bedrooms at the house, and the one I worked extensively in during a deconstruction workday


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