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So I’m training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 5th, with my running partners Beth and Sharon. “Monumental” not because it’s a big deal, but because it goes through downtown Indianapolis and there are apparently a lot of monuments there =). However, we wanted to make it more of a big deal. This will be more than just a race for us. More than our personal accomplishments of running 26.2 miles. We have each chosen to raise money for a cause that we care deeply about.

Here’s how you can help – I would love if you would sponsor one of those 26.2 miles. The suggested donation is $10 per mile, and as always, all of the money will go directly to Gracehaven. And other than the warm fuzzy feeling you will get in your heart from contributing to a great cause and supporting your friend, you will also get your name printed on the back of the shirt I’ll be wearing in the race!

If you would like to support me, you can give me either cash or a check made out to me or Gracehaven. If you would like to sponsor a specific mile number, let me know that too. We’d like to get the shirts ordered by October 15, so please let me know your intent to pledge by then.



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