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Some days when I’m upset, there’s nothing better than a good run to take my anger out on. Clearing your head, and thinking about nothing but the rhythm of your stride, and your feet hitting the pavement. Pushing hard til you tire of angering. Feeling it dissipate with each footfall. Some people say they get so mad they want to punch something. When I get that mad, I want to run. That can be very therapeutic for me – but it’s not what this post is about. Not entirely anyway.

I am angry at injustice. It’s the kind of anger that’s maybe good to have rekindled from time to time, as opposed to the kind you want to let cool down. Last weekend I was volunteering at a Gracehaven event. I listened to Theresa Flores (Spokesperson for and Director at Gracehaven) give her testimony about how she became a victim of sex trafficking. I listened to Dr. Jeff Barrows (founder and Executive Director) explain the facts and figures and dispel the myths. He talked about recent cases, weak laws against it, and how our society encourages it to thrive. I’ve heard both of them speak several times. But my stomach turns inside out each time. I get furious. And my heart breaks.

Jeff said something that really stood out to me. He described the three things that shocked him when he first learned about human trafficking. 1) that this sort of heinous evil is still happening (and in America); 2) that it is so prolific (there are currently more people enslaved today than were in the entire transatlantic slave trade); and 3) that so little is being done about it. It stood out because those are the same things that shocked me. One of the things that fuels me the most is that so little is being done. There are only a handful of “Gracehavens” in the entire country, but the need is enormous. People don’t understand it. People don’t recognize it. People don’t know why or how to do something about it. Gracehaven is trying to change that. And I’m trying to help them, in some small way. In the midst of an issue of such enormity that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know what to do, I’m doing one thing I know I can do. And that’s run.

I want to say a huge thank you to all those of you who support me in this effort – whether through financial donation, encouragement or cheering me on at races. If you want to help in another way, vote for Gracehaven to win $100,000 through Vivint. Voting runs today through August 27, and you can vote once per day, every day. In the meanwhile, I’ll keep running.


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