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So now that it’s warming up to the point that I can run without needing a jacket or long sleeves, I’ve gotten my official race shirt made! It’s designed by the lovely Katie Talbott, a close friend, talented graphic designer and former Gracehaven employee. I debuted it in my 5K last weekend, and plan to wear it in all my races until it gets too cold again to.


Running With Grace - front


Running With Grace - back


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I’m excited about finishing month #2 of my fundraiser. It’s exciting to get new sponsors and to get Gracehaven‘s name out to people who had previously ever heard of them. Running for Gracehaven is motivating me to race. And racing, in turn, always motivates me to run – as in, to train leading up for a race. I just signed up for the Cap City Half, so this means for the next 5 or so weeks, I’m not going to be able to get away with just sporadically running a couple times a week. I’m going to actually have to relearn consistency and dedication. It’ll be good for me =)

Speaking of motivation… I’ve been thinking about travel recently. Mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of it this past month. On the one hand, I am a little less motivated to run when I’m traveling. Because it means either I’m on vacation, and would be more inclined to be sleeping in or hanging out with whoever I’m visiting/traveling with, or I’m on a work trip, which means I’m really busy. But on the other hand, it’s always fun to run an unfamiliar route and explore a new city. There is something pretty sweet about the fact that I was in 4 states last month and ran in all of them.

The other fun thing about travel is racing in different cities. My last race was in Cedarville, OH. My next race is in Atlanta. The one after that will be in Miami, OH. Sometimes I’ve already planned a trip and decide to find a race while there, but other times I travel specifically for a race. Then the race is no longer just an 30 min or 1hr event. It’s a road trip. It’s a weekend. It’s a story =)

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